Why Maestro

Our goal at Maestro IT Solutions is to offer our clients the ability to conduct business with very little, to no infrastructure expenditures. In order to achieve our goal we first had to look at the big picture with security as the core focus.

Security plays a main role in our solutions largely due to the need to keep sesitive data in the hands of the people it is intended for. With that in mind, we offer a robust SaaS model with ease of integration over a Global platform. Maestro IT Solutions mission is to provide our end-users with business enablement tools that will allow small, medium, and large enterprise organizations to focus on their business needs and not on IT.

Maestro IT Solutions is the Leader in SaaS and Managed IT Services, offering an all-in-one platform that is as simple to manage as it is to implement. Maestro provides Hosted Unified Communications, Office Communications Server 2007, Hosted Exchange 2007, Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0, and Dynamics CRM 4.0 to a wide range of organizations whether it be Enterprise or SMB size businesses. The Maestro platform is the most technologically advanced platform. The platform is highly available, stable, secure, and highly automated to make these hosted services and solutions unified. Here at Maestro IT Solutions we are laser focused on helping our end user grow their business by giving them premium services on a solid platform. In addition to delivering the right technology, Maestro believes in top-notch customer service as well offering our clients 24x7x365 technical support. Maestro offers the latest in Hosted Technology same products the Fortune 500 are using these days.

In addition to our third party-offerings Maestro IT Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of Managed IT Security solutions: All of these services operate outside of the customer network and are managed across a single web-based administrative platform. The sum of these services specifically provides: Filtering and scrubbing of inbound and outbound email messages and attachments in order to identify and block spam, worms and viruses, and inappropriate content, while also protecting customers from coordinated email attacks and email fraud. Filtering of web traffic in order to protect business networks and users from web-borne malware, including viruses and spyware, while enabling management and oversight of employee web usage. Email disaster recovery services which range from spooling of all inbound messages in the event of an email outage to full web-based access to and use of email during outages.

SaaS Platform

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Managed Services

Maestro IT Solutions’ monitoring services go beyond monitoring...

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