Unified Communication Certificates

Secure multiple unique domains and subdomains on a single Unified Communications Certificate (UC Certificate). Save money over buying individual certificates and consolidate your certificate needs in one UCC supported by MS Exchange 2007 and OCS 2007.

  • Subject Alternative Name (SAN) control
  • 128/256 bit encryption
  • 2048-bit ready
  • Trusted by over 99% of browsers
  • Trusted by 99.3% of mail servers
  • Supported by MS Exchange 2007
  • Supported by OCS 2007
  • Microsoft official UCC vendor
  • Up to three year certificate term

If your organization uses an MS Exchange 2007 or Office Communications Server 2007 environment, you can consolidate all of your certificate needs into a single UC Certificate from Maestro SaaS and save money and time. Secure all your domains such as mail.yourdomain.com, autodiscover.yourdomain.com, exchange1.yourdomain.local, etc. with one Maestro SaaS Unified Communications Certificate.

Using Unified Communications Certificates with your Exchange 2007 Server or Office Communications Server 2007 maximizes the use of SSL certificates for client-server and server-server communications. Where a traditional Wildcard certificate could only cover one fully qualified domain, a Maestro SaaS UC Certificate can actually cover multiple unique domains within a single certificate. With Subject Alternative Name (SAN) control, you can add, remove, or change names in your Unified Communications Certificate at any time. This vastly reduces the time and hassle spent configuring multiple certificates on all of your unique domains. Easily maintain a high level of security while saving money with a Maestro SaaS UC Certificate.

Secure an entire MS Exchange 2007 environment starting at at $285/year including three domains

If you own www.yourdomain.com and have seven sub-domains such as secure.yourdomain.com, mail.yourdomain.com, etc. it would cost around $700 per year. Compare that to a single Wildcard SSL Certificate securing multiple sub-domains - your top level domain and all subdomains for as little as $334.95 a year.

  • SAN field control lets you adjust the domains listed in the certificate
  • Cover all your domains under the same IP using MS Exchange 2007
  • UC Certificates can grow with your business
  • Simplify your security needs in a single UC Certificate
  • Saves you money compared to buying individual certificates

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