Unified Communications

Maestro IT Solutions provides well-organized deliverables with clear, concise, jargon-free recommendations and industry-standard recommendations for mitigation. Here is how we deliver:

  • Global consulting and delivery capability
  • A strong process foundation such as COBIT, SEI CMM, ITIL, ISO 27001, and OWASP that is crucial to building a long-lasting security posture
  • A highly experienced and certified management and engineering team that delivers authentic and proven services
  • 24x7 Security Operations Centers
  • A sophisticated web-based portal for consolidation and reporting on the PCI compliance status across the entire customer infrastructure
  • A cost-effective service that allows customers to gain network monitoring at an affordable price point

Key Features

  • Cisco Unified IP Telephony monitoring
  • Voice and data network discovery and topology
  • Basic up/down (ICMP) and SNMP-based monitoring
  • Threshold-based monitoring and alerting
  • Distributed architecture and intelligence for present and future network scalability
  • Secure, reliable communication
  • Network-wide inventory collection and reporting
  • Cisco device performance monitoring
  • In-depth syslog reporting
  • Interface status and traffic monitoring
  • Reports
  • Multilayer alert-filtering capability
  • Real-time alerts and notifications through e-mail and paging
  • Configurable e-mail and pager addresses based on time-of-day setting
  • Proactive escalation

End-User Benefits

  • Experienced networking professionals available at affordable rates as an extension of in-house team
  • Reduced investment in tools and technology
  • On-demand service
  • In-depth syslog reporting
  • Real-Time 24x7 Voice and Data Monitoring
  • No need to train and retain a NOC staff
  • Proactive Alerts/Notifications
  • Comprehensive reports for customers
  • Cisco UC, Networking, and Wireless device support

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