PCI Compliance Readiness

Maestro IT Solution’s PCI Compliance Readiness Service offering is a complete suite of services that empowers an organization to understand its weaknesses vis-à-vis the PCI mandate, architect a remediation plan, implement the remediation recommendations, and provide an ongoing set of services, such as 24x7 monitoring and quarterly scanning, to meet the PCI requirements continuously. PCI Data Security standards apply globally, to every organization that processes or transmits credit card transactions. Organizations need to develop and implement an effective enterprise security strategy to keep the infrastructure compliant.

Maestro IT Solutions has invested in building a high availability infrastructure and has built the skill sets to deliver these services. Our scan solution uses multiple tools and provides a layer of expert observation and review that is crucial to a truly meaningful scan. In comparison, standard automated scans cannot provide the depth and granularity required for long-term compliance.

Maestro IT Solutions Compliance Readiness suite of services consists of assessments, remediation, monitoring, and reporting across the entire compliance life cycle.

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