Hosted Unified Communications

Hosted Unified Communications combines the power of Hosted Exchange 2007 with an advanced Hosted PBX from our voice partner, SimpleSignal. This combination provides more than the component parts, leading to simplified communication consumption, eliminating the need for capital expenditure, and dramatically decreasing the potential administrative burden of Exchange and PBX infrastructure.

Advanced features available in this product include voice-enabled automated attendant, text-to-speech technology reading your e-mail messages to you, the ability to add or update calendar events using your voice, and voice mails delivered and controlled from your Outlook inbox.

If your clients already have an SIP-enabled phone system, Maestro IT Solutions can likely integrate with it, requiring minimal modifications to the existing phone system.

Hosted Unified Communications integrates with other hosted products offered on the Maestro IT Solutions platform. Because Maestro IT Solutions uses Active Directory as the center of user provisioning, users can take advantage of information such as user names, full names, department names and more that are already in the system. Likewise, incoming calls are automatically matched with Exchange contact information, so instead of seeing a phone number, subscribers see the name of the person who left a voice mail. For customers that also subscribe to Dynamics CRM
from Maestro IT Solutions, missed calls from CRM contacts will automatically be tracked as an activity.

Find the Right People, Right Now

With presence awareness of Office Communicator 2007, your customers can quickly find the people they need and determine the best way to reach them. Presence states are set automatically based on Outlook calendar, computer activity, and (optionally) whether the user is on a call. Your customers can choose to set their presence state manually, add a custom note, and customize their current location. The access level functionality lets them control the information that others see, such as their mobile phone number or Outlook calendar information.

Streamline Communications from the Applications Your Customers Use Most

Office Communicator 2007 integrates seamlessly with the familiar Microsoft Office applications your customers use every day. Close integration with Office applications ensures that communications can occur in the context of the current application, without having to switch to a different program or method of communication. From an e-mail message received in Outlook 2007, your customers can view presence information and initiate real-time communication from within the message—all without the need to switch applications or search for a colleague.

Microsoft Hosted CRM Offering


Get CRM On-Demand with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online (available in the U.S. and Canada) With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, your business can get immediate results:

  • Increase productivity with fast user adoption. It looks and feels like the Microsoft Office productivity applications that your employees use every day.
  • Quickly centralize customer information and streamline business processes.
  • Tailor Microsoft Dynamics CRM to your business—to fit the way you work.
  • Drive more qualified leads into the sales pipeline with Internet Lead Capture.

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