Managed Services

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Managed Services | Managed Security Services

Maestro IT Solutions provides comprehensive 24x7x365 monitoring of virtually any network and security device, endpoints, log management, and endpoint security solutions. Our “SaaS” platform enables rapid and accurate post event analysis of incidences using Web 2.0 technology, Security Search Engine and the knowledge base.

Maestro IT Solution’s monitoring services go beyond monitoring and alerting: Our security monitoring solutions deliver total threat management across the infrastructure from identification to investigation and log analysis to incident response. Our deep knowledge of network and security technology, security intelligence, incident response workflows, and intuitive reporting ensure that clients can respond to external and internal threats before a business interruption or non-compliant situation can occur. This combination of process automation and expertise augments internal resources to provide unparalleled protection at a reasonable cost.

  • Monitoring of the entire infrastructure, including routers, VPNs, firewalls, IDS/IPS, UTM appliances, log management solutions, servers, desktops, and endpoint solutions like CSA and NAC
  • Outsourced monitoring results in cost-effective security response and a reduced total cost of ownership.
  • 24x7 log monitoring, analysis, and threat alerting.
  • Real-time visibility into the security posture for reduced risk and improved regulatory compliance
  • Documented incident response workflow provides evidence of corrective action for compliance and audit purposes
  • Enhanced situational awareness from Maestro team research
  • Multi-vendor support that makes the most of existing security investments
  • Customized reports measuring the effectiveness of a client's security policies and controls, security performance, and compliance with specific industry or regulatory mandates
  • Reports that address the needs of technical and business stakeholders alike
  • Monitoring support for all leading networking and security technologies from every leading vendor
  • Deep competency in monitoring and managing Cisco technologies such as ASA, ISR, CSMARS, NAC, CSA, all generations of VPN, firewall, and IPS systems
  • Stringent service levels guarantee service levels that ensure business continuity

Compliance Solutions / PCI Compliance Readiness

Maestro IT Solution’s PCI Compliance Readiness Service offering is a complete suite of services that empowers an organization to understand its weaknesses vis-à-vis the PCI mandate, architect a remediation plan, implement the remediation recommendations, and provide an ongoing set of services, such as 24x7 monitoring and quarterly scanning, to meet the PCI requirements continuously. PCI Data Security standards apply globally, to every organization that processes or transmits credit card transactions. Organizations need to develop and implement an effective enterprise security strategy to keep the infrastructure compliant.

Maestro IT Solutions has invested in building a high availability infrastructure and has built the skill sets to deliver these services. Our scan solution uses multiple tools and provides a layer of expert observation and review that is crucial to a truly meaningful scan. In comparison, standard automated scans cannot provide the depth and granularity required for long-term compliance.

Maestro IT Solutions Compliance Readiness suite of services consists of assessments, remediation, monitoring, and reporting across the entire compliance life cycle.

Maestro IT Solutions delivery model / Unified Communications

Maestro IT Solutions provides well-organized deliverables with clear, concise, jargon-free recommendations and industry-standard recommendations for mitigation. Here is how we deliver:

  • Global consulting and delivery capability
  • A strong process foundation such as COBIT, SEI CMM, ITIL, ISO 27001, and OWASP that is crucial to building a long-lasting security posture
  • A highly experienced and certified management and engineering team that delivers authentic and proven services
  • 24x7 Security Operations Centers
  • A sophisticated web-based portal for consolidation and reporting on the PCI compliance status across the entire customer infrastructure
  • A cost-effective service that allows customers to gain network monitoring at an affordable price point

Key Features

  • Cisco Unified IP Telephony monitoring
  • Voice and data network discovery and topology
  • Basic up/down (ICMP) and SNMP-based monitoring
  • Threshold-based monitoring and alerting
  • Distributed architecture and intelligence for present and future network scalability
  • Secure, reliable communication
  • Network-wide inventory collection and reporting
  • Cisco device performance monitoring
  • In-depth syslog reporting
  • Interface status and traffic monitoring
  • Reports
  • Multilayer alert-filtering capability
  • Real-time alerts and notifications through e-mail and paging
  • Configurable e-mail and pager addresses based on time-of-day setting
  • Proactive escalation

End-User Benefits

  • Experienced networking professionals available at affordable rates as an extension of in-house team
  • Reduced investment in tools and technology
  • On-demand service
  • In-depth syslog reporting
  • Real-Time 24x7 Voice and Data Monitoring
  • No need to train and retain a NOC staff
  • Proactive Alerts/Notifications
  • Comprehensive reports for customers
  • Cisco UC, Networking, and Wireless device support

Managed Services / Vulnerability and Assessment Management

Whether it's mandated by a specific compliance requirement such as PCI, or you simply need to stay one step ahead of threats to protect business critical assets, Maestro ITS's remote vulnerability assessment & management service brings visibility, awareness and consistency to your organization. Powered by FusionVM SaaS from Critical Watch, this service continuously pinpoints at-risk devices and streamlines remediation to drive sustainable compliance and audit readiness.

By automating the key discovery, assessment and workflow processes it delivers proactive, policy-driven vulnerability management while reducing costs. Maestro ITS also provides full mitigation support for clients who choose our Configuration and Change Management Service. Regardless of which option they choose, clients gain added situational awareness via Maestro ITS's remediation workflows, as well as detailed vulnerability reports from our Secure-I research team.

  • Provides on-demand proactive vulnerability management for organizations
  • Covers network, OS and application layer vulnerabilities
  • Profiling of internal and external assets
  • Flexible asset grouping based on reporting and audit requirements
  • Full prioritization based on asset value
  • Robust policy templates to enable security configuration compliance
  • Filters management for documenting exceptions
  • 24/7/365 access to assessment results via the Maestro ITS SOC portal
  • A comprehensive tool-set for workflow management and remediation tracking
  • Customizable, Multi-view reports that make the most of existing security investments
  • Customized reports measuring effectiveness for analysts, auditors and management teams
  • FusionVM assessment data leveraged as a part of Maestro ITS monitoring to automate threat identification and response
  • Assessment data extensible to Maestro ITS Change & Configuration Management systems and client-based patch management or ticketing systems
  • Maestro ITS's Managed Security Specialists have 24/7/365 Access
  • Instant access to Secure-I security intelligence and research

Managed Services / Website Vulnerability Assessment

Maestro ITS's Website Vulnerability Assessment service brings website vulnerability management under control by finding vulnerabilities before hackers can, enabling corporate security and development teams to focus on remediation and attack prevention. Maestro ITS's Website Vulnerability Assessment, leverages the power of WhiteHat Sentinel, the only website vulnerability management solution that addresses every type of website vulnerability issue with accuracy and confidence. A web-based subscription service, WhiteHat Sentinel combines advanced proprietary scanning technology with expert analysis, allowing customers to identify, prioritize, manage and remediate website vulnerabilities as they occur. This comprehensive approach gives all parties a clear view of the organization's website security posture in an easy-to-manage, cost-effective manner.

Managed Services / Configuration and Change Management

Managing security configurations in a dynamic environment is a daunting challenge for today's security teams. The rapid pace of change, combined with device complexity and resource constraints, often causes defenses to become misaligned with security policies. Maestro ITS Configuration & Change Management service complements our Security Monitoring Service, by providing a fully outsourced management of the client's infrastructure. In addition to creating an accurate inventory of what's connected to the client's network, Maestro ITS ensures that devices, desktops, and servers receive proper patch, signature, and OS updates, whether in response to a security incident, or as part of an ongoing proactive security process.

Maestro ITS also manages device configurations and rule-sets on a 24x7 basis, reducing the cost of managing the infrastructure, and freeing clients from this tedious and error-prone process. This allows clients to focus on more strategic issues, such as security policy development, without having to acquire the expertise needed to constantly re-configure a complex infrastructure. Finally, our detailed reporting provides a full audit trail of changes for compliance purposes.

Maestro ITS Configuration & Change Management provides monitoring clients with complete device and endpoint security management including:

  • Comprehensive device and endpoint management including Firewall, Router, IDS/IPS, UTM, Log Management, and VPN
  • Extensive knowledge of multi-vendor networks and security technologies
  • In-depth knowledge of Cisco security technologies such as ASA, CSA, NAC, CS MARS, and ISR
  • Rule set changes and validations to ensure policy compliance
  • Configuration changes, upgrades, and signature updates
  • Proactive patch management
  • General maintenance, backup, and recovery
  • Proactive patch management
  • Performance and availability management for devices
  • Detailed reports providing a full audit trail of changes