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Maestro Secure

MaestroSecure offers a strong, multi-factor authentication solution to prevent identity theft and reduce fraud. We are attempting to change the information security paradigm from one based on all or none access to one based upon confidence, like a credit score. Our objective is to validate the individual, not a system, device or machine, and place their use in context to prevent identity theft before it happens.

Maestro SaaS

Maestro IT Solutionís managed services are delivered using the MAESTRO SaaS platform. From basic device and server monitoring to full lifecycle support, Maestro IT Solution provides clients with complete outsourced management at an affordable cost. Our team of expertís augments clients existing IT and security resources to automate risk management and compliance reporting processes. The end result is improved IT Services, security posture, more effective incident response, reduced vulnerability, complete transparency for audit purposes, better value from technology investments, and accelerated compliance reporting cycles.

Maestro Managed Services

Maestro IT Solutionsí monitoring services go beyond monitoring and alerting: Our security monitoring solutions deliver total threat management across the infrastructure from identification to investigation and log analysis to incident response. Our deep knowledge of network and security technology, security intelligence, incident response workflows, and intuitive reporting ensure that clients can respond to external and internal threats before a business interruption or non-compliant situation can occur. This combination of process automation and expertise augments internal resources to provide unparalleled protection at a reasonable cost.

Maestro Processing

Maestro processing provides a wide variety of payment processing solutions to fit any size business. By telling us the type of service youíre looking for, youíll help us guide you to the solution that best matches your business needs today and your future needs as well.