FAQ: SharePoint

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How do you ensure security of hosted documents? What procedures are in place to assure prospects that documents cannot be accessed by others?

Like each of our hosted products, SharePoint takes advantage of an Active Directory structure shared at the end customer level. Members of the directory are each assigned a role and SharePoint automatically provides role-based security and single sign-on authentication. In addition, individual files and directories can be given specific security attributes.
In addition, Maestro Hosting data center is protected by four layers of card-access barriers, 24x7 video surveillance at all entry points and on each isle of the raised floor area, plus 24x7 professional physical security staff. Individual equipment cabinets are locked and not accessible to maintenance staff.

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Is provisioning of new clients a manual or automated process? If manual, who performs this task?

Automated. Maestro Hosting provides a self-service Web portal that allows resellers and/or customer administrators to provision new services.

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What backup and restore services for SharePoint sites do you provide in your basic price?

All services are backed up by continuous backup systems that provide the ability to restore to within the last 15 minutes.
In addition to Exchange and SharePoint backups, Maestro Hosting provide three week deleted item retention, which can be accessed by users on a self-service basis.

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Will my SharePoint development team have sufficient access to create and deploy custom Web parts?

Yes. Custom Web parts can be uploaded to a site collection’s Web Part Gallery through the “Site Settings” user interface built into SharePoint.
In addition, all of the following SharePoint Web services can be accessed, with designated customer users granted Site Administrator access:

  • Administration Web Service (This Web service is used for creating and configuring new site collections. For customers with private SharePoint servers, this Web service can be made directly accessible. For customers using the shared Windows SharePoint Services infrastructure, Maestro Hosting provides alternative APIs that provide equivalent functionality without bypassing our provisioning infrastructure. The self-service portal also provides a UI for these functions.)
  • Alerts Web Service
  • Authentication Web Service
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