FAQ: Operations


Is there a free trial that we can offer our customers without incurring any additional charges?

Yes. Our standard multi-tenant services such as Exchange, customer relationship management (CRM), and SharePoint all provide a free trial period that covers:

  • The first partial month (if any)
  • The first full month
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How do you ensure uptime?

Maestro Hosting begins invoicing at the start of the second full month of service.
Ensuring uptime begins with working closely with Microsoft to develop best practices for hosting Microsoft applications, and then applying those best practices in production. Our production systems are comprised exclusively of premium manufacturer hardware and software with extensive use of redundancy. All systems are monitored 24x7 for performance, load, and reliability by individuals with extensive experience hosting Microsoft-based technology.

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Do you provide multiple distributed servers over diverse data centers?

Yes. Business continuance solutions are available with services distributed across data centers throughout North America. All solutions utilize data centers with redundant commercial power and network connections, as well as redundant power generation and distribution systems internally.

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Do you provide data backup?

Yes. Maestro Hosting provides continuous data backup with recovery points every 15 minutes. Exchange and SharePoint solutions provide for two weeks of user-initiated restores of deleted files.

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What's your guaranteed uptime?

Maestro Hosting guarantees 99.99% uptime.

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What's the penalty if you don't meet your uptime?

Maestro Hosting provides service credits prorating three (3) times the total number of outage minutes on a monthly basis.

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How do you resolve performance issues?

Performance issues are resolved before becoming apparent to customers whenever possible. Unanticipated performance issues can be addressed immediately through the deployment of additional hardware from on-site inventory, and/or reconfiguration by on-staff engineers. Our team has hundreds of years of combined experience and works closely with Microsoft Premier Support.

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During outages, what's your guarantee for restoring services?

Outages, like performance issues, are resolved quickly and effectively through the deployment of additional hardware from on-site inventory, and/or reconfiguration by on-staff engineers

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