FAQ: Known Issues

Known Issues

Why is there no logout button on the admin client?

A logout button is on the list of new features planned for the self-service portal. In the meantime, users can log out by closing the browser in which the self-service portal is running.

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I could not add Support@[customerdomain].com because apparently that ID is created automatically when the account is set up. What e-mail address is configured to that ID?

The self-service Web portal provides for automatic distribution of service-related messages. This facility is not currently in use, but it does automatically add “support@[customerdomain]” to an internal, hidden group. Maestro Hosting plans to eliminate or change this feature in future releases.

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Every time I delete an alias it automatically logs me out of the admin client.

This is a known bug and will be resolved in a future release of the self-service portal.
No. This is a limitation of Exchange Server 2007.

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I want to be able to add multiple e-mail addresses to one contact instead of creating a group and then adding multiple contacts. Can I do this?
The Outlook 2007 configuration wizard does not always create the account correctly. Are there any FAQ’s for this process?

Configuration of Outlook 2007 depends on the Exchange e-mail auto-configuration system. This system can be tested by using the procedure described in the following Microsoft TechNet article: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb397225(EXCHG.80,printer).aspx If this test fails, you should contact support.

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