Dynamics CRM

Running a business or server farm?

Why are they spending money on servers, back-up storage, electricity, and staff for email and calendaring?

Give your customers the benefits of business class email in a ‘pay-as-you-go’ model that allows them to scale up or down as needed, with no risk. Hosted Exchange from Maestro IT Solutions allows them to free up valuable capital, IT staff, and opportunity cycles by outsourcing the planning, deployment, and maintenance of messaging infrastructure.

Maestro IT Solutions offers on-demand solutions that are implemented quickly and without disruption to your customer’s employees or operations.

  • Activates and deploys within minutes with a simple DNS record change
  • Offers a simple upgrade path for many outdated email platforms Building on Microsoft’s Exchange 2007 product platform, Maestro IT Solutions offers mailbox packages ranging in size from 500 MB to 10 GB. Of course, mobility including ActiveSync, Blackberry Server, iPhone, and email compliance services can be added as optional components. Each Maestro IT Solutions Service includes anti-spam, anti-virus, and continuous data backup.

Sales. Marketing. Service. All delivered using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 from Chinook Hosting.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 from Maestro IT Solutions offers a flexible on-demand solution for your customers looking to drive improved customer communication and sales. Far from the one-size fits all solution offered by some, the Maestro IT Solutions Dynamics CRM solution can be tailored to most customers needs and is integrated into the Maestro IT Solutions platform under shared Active Directory structure and single sign-on. In the Maestro IT Solutions environment, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is provisioned from the same control panel as each of our other services. If your customers are using Microsoft Office or Microsoft Outlook, they can easily add CRM capabilities with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Because it was designed to integrate directly with Office programs, customers can gain a powerful CRM solution using familiar tools. Using the powerful Outlook client, users can access a variety of sales, marketing, and customer service modules to make sales decisions, market products, solve problems, and get strategic views of the business. Maestro IT Solutions maximizes value for resellers offering Microsoft Dynamics CRM because:

  • A single user or thousands of users can be hosted with no user limit
  • Maestro IT Solutions offers both Microsoft Outlook and web clients, with or without integrated hosted Exchange
  • Maestro IT Solutions integrates CRM with high-value messaging offerings, including:
  • Mail sent to and from the CRM system can be included in the Hosted Archive and/or Hosted Encryption
  • CRM email and contacts are accessible from mobile devices Maestro IT Solutions permits customization of the CRM instance

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