Code Signing Certificates

A Code Signing certificate enables developers to digitally sign their software before distribution over the Internet. Code Signing Certificates allow for Digitally signed code which assures your end users that the software they are about to download is genuine and has not been modified by third parties since creation.

  • Verifies publisher's identity
  • Maintains integrity of content
  • Safeguards software from tampering
  • Improves customer confidence
  • Improves software downloads
  • Creates a trusted distribution outlet
  • Protects the reputation of software publisher

Who Needs a Code Signing Digital ID?

When customers buy software in a store, the source of that software is obvious. When downloaded over the Internet, that same software is not so easy to trust. Any publisher planning to distribute code or content over the Internet risks their product being modified, impersonated and re-hosted by malicious third parties. Code signing certificates immediately inform customers that they can trust the software download by verifying code integrity and company legitimacy.

Code Signing Certificates - Features and Benefits

  • Ensures authenticity - users that they know where the code came from
  • Ensures integrity - verifies that code has not been tampered with since publication
  • Digitally signed .exe, .ocx, .dll or other) or .cab files
  • Mitigates Error Messages and Security Warnings on Download
  • Microsoft Authenticode technology - Industry standard coupled with Maestro SaaS's trust infrastructure
  • Inherently trusted by all major browsers
  • Allows businesses to create a trusted sales outlet for distribution

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