Configuration and Change Management

Managing security configurations in a dynamic environment is a daunting challenge for today's security teams. The rapid pace of change, combined with device complexity and resource constraints, often causes defenses to become misaligned with security policies. Maestro ITS Configuration & Change Management service complements our Security Monitoring Service, by providing a fully outsourced management of the client's infrastructure. In addition to creating an accurate inventory of what's connected to the client's network, Maestro ITS ensures that devices, desktops, and servers receive proper patch, signature, and OS updates, whether in response to a security incident, or as part of an ongoing proactive security process.

Maestro ITS also manages device configurations and rule-sets on a 24x7 basis, reducing the cost of managing the infrastructure, and freeing clients from this tedious and error-prone process. This allows clients to focus on more strategic issues, such as security policy development, without having to acquire the expertise needed to constantly re-configure a complex infrastructure. Finally, our detailed reporting provides a full audit trail of changes for compliance purposes.

Maestro ITS Configuration & Change Management provides monitoring clients with complete device and endpoint security management including:

  • Comprehensive device and endpoint management including Firewall, Router, IDS/IPS, UTM, Log Management, and VPN
  • Extensive knowledge of multi-vendor networks and security technologies
  • In-depth knowledge of Cisco security technologies such as ASA, CSA, NAC, CS MARS, and ISR
  • Rule set changes and validations to ensure policy compliance
  • Configuration changes, upgrades, and signature updates
  • Proactive patch management
  • General maintenance, backup, and recovery
  • Proactive patch management
  • Performance and availability management for devices
  • Detailed reports providing a full audit trail of changes

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